The backlog of outstanding retirement applications at the Office of Personnel Management climbed just a tad higher last month.

OPM received 7,136 claims in August and processed 7,102 which brought the total backlog up to 17,125, an increase of 0.2% over July’s total inventory (July’s backlog jumped much higher to bring it over 17,000).

OPM noted that it processed 70% of the claims in August in 60 days or less and took an average of 47 days to process those claims.

The recent general trend of the backlog has been up for the month of August. Last year, it was 16,334, in 2015 it stood at 16,350 and in 2014 it was 13,842. Despite losing ground in late summer during that time period, the general trend has reversed for the remainder of each year, retreating each month until January provides a significant setback with the end of year retirement wave.

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