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Full Federal Retirement Benefits Review, Pension Calculation, Social Security,
Pension Maximization, TSP Options and much more....


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My Federal Retirement Help

During your Federal Retirement Review, you will know your pension calculation to know what you will be getting for your pension. We will also go over survivor benefits and calculate the costs to see if that is an option to take. One further step is we will try to maximize income utilizing your ”401k” Federal Savings Plan. In some cases we have clients delay Social Security for a few years to maximize that income as well. We are your one stop Full Retirement Assistance Consultants.

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Pension Benefits

Want to know and understand all of your Federal Employee Benefits? We go over them so you will have a better understanding going forward. Some of the things we go over could save you thousands!

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FEGLI Benefits

Do you still have 5X your salary or option B coverage with your FEGLI, or even 5X option C for family coverage? Do you know what happens to these benefits once you get into federal retirement? Let us help explain these benefits, it may shock you.

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Social Security

Only 56 or 58 and thinking that you might not be able to afford to retire? Do you know what kind of Social Security Supplement you will be getting if you are under the FERS Retirement System? This benefit for Federal employees has helped many retire.

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Retirement Paperwork

After your retirement review, we can assist you in completing your retirement packet for submission to OPM.

Pension Maximization

So, should you take the spousal option and give up 10% of your pension for life? Let us talk about other ways too.

FEGLI Replacements

Did you get caught in the FEGLI trap? Do you know what happens to those

360° Degree Federal Retirement Agency In Texas

Welcome to My Federal Retirement Help! Are you planning for your retirement but don’t know how to proceed? As a well-known federal retirement agency based in Texas, we are here to assist you in planning for a secure financial future so that you can reap the benefits of years of hard work without worrying in the golden years of your life.

Your Partner In Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement in advance is critical for everyone out there, but perhaps, it is even more important for those working as federal employees. Thankfully, as a government employee, you are entitled to an exemplary retirement benefits package.

However, decoding the multitude of federal retirement plans and benefits is no cakewalk, especially if you already have a lot on your plate. Laypersons, in particular, might find the complicated concepts — such as DOD retirement benefits in the USA — and language pretty difficult to understand. In addition to this, calculating your income after retirement is another issue altogether because the numerous DOD retirement pay calculators available online often return inaccurate results.

At My Federal Retirement Help, we ensure that you make well-informed decisions and have comprehensive information about all the benefits that are applicable to you as a federal employee. Being a federal retirement agency with years of experience in the field, we will walk you through each and every aspect of retirement planning so that you can retire comfortably and maintain a certain lifestyle.

Thinking about…

  • What is the best age to retire?
  • Will I be able to afford retirement?
  • What are all the FERS retirement benefits and types out there?
  • Are DOD retirement benefits enough to meet all my needs?
  • Should I continue with “401k” Federal Savings Plan or put my money somewhere else?
  • What are the survivor benefits that will be accorded to my spouse?

Don’t worry, our experts are here to answer all these questions and more! You will need reliable guidance and a team with a comprehensive understanding of the current system to be close any gaps in your financial situation for a stress-free, enjoyable retirement. Get a headstart in securing your future by choosing us as your federal retirement specialists today.

What Our Federal Retirement Agency Can Do For You

We are federal retirement planning specialists! My Federal Retirement Help offers essential guidance so that you can make the most of your retirement benefits and ultimately, meet your individual and family needs. Our skilled team will ensure that you have a clear idea of the pension amount you will receive, the survivor benefits that your spouse will be entitled to, as well as insurance options available to you.

Simply give us a call if you have questions about the following programs and we will help you out:

  • FERS Retirement Benefits
  • Voluntary Contribution Plan (VCP)
  • “401k” Federal Savings Plan
  • Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)
  • Social Security
  • Dental and Vision
  • Medicare
  • Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program

Why Is My Federal Retirement Help Different?

As a full-service federal retirement agency, we are dedicated to offering robust, services during every step of the retirement planning process. Our team will patiently listen to all your concerns and draw out a personalized plan as per your financial situation and needs. But we don’t stop there.

From pension maximization, “401k” Federal Savings Plan withdrawals, sorting out your retirement paperwork, to helping you to give your income a boost by tapping your thrift savings plan, we will be your go-to professionals at every juncture and attempt to enhance your financial portfolio.

We walk the extra mile to ensure transparency and accountability when we work with our clients and strive to remain in the know-how of the latest updates as far as retirement benefits and funds are concerned.

Ask For Our Retirement Review Report

For clarity around FERS and DOD retirement benefits in the USA, get in touch with us for a personalized retirement review report. The report will include all your federal retirement benefits and explain them in a concise, easy to understand manner. At the same time, we will also calculate your income using our federal retirement calculator based on when you’d like to retire as well as spotlight the numerous funds that you will open up to you. Also, expect a cash-flow analysis, using which you will be able to address shortfalls, if any, before you retire.

In addition to this, you will receive information regarding whether you should delay your retirement to improve your future financial situation. These valuable insights and our extremely effective federal retirement calculator will help you to achieve your financial goals without having to take a lot of risks. So, let’s get started?

Contact Us

Planning your retirement needn’t be so confusing and intimidating! It’s an important aspect that shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly. Let our experts help you to leverage the numerous federal and FERS retirement benefits to ensure financial stability after your retirement. Just call us at 254-870-5959 to kickstart your retirement planning journey today.

Federal Retirement Help is here to help you get into retirement without the stress of trying to figure it all out alone or feel rushed when it comes to something this important in life.

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