What We Do & Our Federal Retirement Videos

Guarantee Your TSP Income Benefits (We DO NOT Recommend an Immediate Annuity)

This video is to help explain the what the TSP wants or suggest Federal Employees do with their TSP, but we let them know their are better alternative choices than an Immediate Annuity.. We use Indexed Annuities which give you Upside potential, never any risk, and safety of principal.  See the video below this one.

Retirement Benefits

This video is for everyone (all ages) . . .it will explain the fundamental values of annuities, as well as the differences between types of annuities, with emphasis on safety and security.

Saving For Your Retirement

This video is for people with retirement savings in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or various TSP Funds who do not want responsibility for investment risk or money management decisions.

Safe Money Retirement Contracts

One of the best retirement videos that you shouldn’t miss. This video is for anyone who questions the safety of their money in any type of life insurance or annuity contract . . . explains why insurance contracts are safe for their money.

Meet Frank New

Recently retired, but is still able to enjoy life to the fullest because of his indexed annuities.  He thought he might have to still keep working part time, but has not.

Meet David Feeder

A recently retired engineer.  He talks about shifting his money from risk to safety for his retirement nest egg.

Meet Louise Bridges.

A retired person who has bought an indexed annuity, to make sure she never runs out of money in retirement.  Here is her story.

What is a TSP Withdrawal?

This video to for any Federal employee who is 59 1/2 or older showing you what you can do with your TSP to help benefit you more into your retirement years.