It is with great pleasure that I take the time today to strongly express one of the most driven, dedicated Retirement Consultant I have ever had the privilege to represent me in all my financial needs. Tom Hofferber continually impressed me with how he not only got the job done, but came up with innovative ways to increase my financial portfolio, while building long-term relationships and good will with his clients.

Yolanda R, USPS Carrier - CA

Richard and Janet D, United States Postal Service and Teacher - OK

I had a very professional consultant in Mr. Tom Hofferber, not only that he returned every phone call, he also had or got the answers to my questions. I received all my documents in a timely manner. Awesome experience with Mr. Hofferber as my retirement consultant. I would recommend to my friends, family, or co-workers!! 🙂

Herman G, United States Postal Service, FL

When I decided to retire, I didn't know where I was to begin. After talking with Tom Hofferber, he explained everything to me, answered all my questions, and helped me with everything. I would definitely recommend Tom to any USPS coworkers that are interested in retiring or needing assistance anywhere.

Karen C, United States Postal Service - Missourri

Tom was a great assistance in helping me understand my whole retirement. Went over everything with my husband and I so we could make the best decisions on what will benefit both of us. Since I have already submitted my retirement papers, I have given Tom 3 more co-workers his name because I trust he will do them the same way! Thank you Tom

Kaci B, VA Administration, OH

Mark T, USPS Letter Carrier - Massachusetts

I didn't know where to even began when I decided to retire. After I asked a few co-workers they suggested I call these guys to help, and that is exactly what I got. A lot help, guidance, and very good suggestions. They even completed all of my retirement forms so leaving wasn't hard at all.

Mike A, Dept of Defense - MA

I selected Tom to help me with my retirement decisions. He was professional and knowlegable. He answered all my questions plus more, and he's been a life saver when I've been in a panic. He has offered me a great service towards my retirment. I couldn't have done this without him. He's the best! Lori

Lori B, USPS Rural Carrier - NV

They were very patient with my needs on what I needed to do with my retirement. Tom was never rushing me, but only guided me in the understanding of the benefits of the product he offered or suggested.

Francisco V - United States Department Agriculture

Thank you so much for all your help in planning for the retirement process and even helping me through the paperwork. Now that it's all done, that's a stress I don't have to worry about anymore, just enjoy my grandchildren. Thank you so much!!

Rita M, United States Department Veterans Affairs - Texas

I was a referral to Tom by another co-worker who also had a great experience with him. He was 100% correct. Tom helped me understand everything about retirement, took time to what my needs were then made a great decision on what was best for my wife and I into retirement. I will DEFINITELY recommend all my other fellow workers to Tom!!!

Michael K - FAA - NH

Reached out to HR to get some assistance and had a lot of questions, but wasn't moving as fast as I would have liked. After receiving an email from Federal Retirement Help, I took a quiz and then I got a call within a few days. They helped explain the process they have in assisting others to retire, and proceeded at a much faster pace. Very Pleased with all of their assistance.

Michael D, USDA - SC

Thanks to Tom taking all of my calls to help me fully understand the whole round of retirement questions I had and the entire financial planning to do what is best for my family. I feel very confident in the decision I made to go with the suggestions that Tom gave to my wife and I for a great retirement. I will be passing your name around to all of my colleagues that I work with so when they are ready to retire that they will reach out to you as well!!!! Thank you!

Charles G of Social Security Administration in FL

Meant Tom as he was doing a drive through a check point from meeting another Federal Employee, asked if I was close to retirement and actually laughed said in the /ext few months. He handed me his card and told me to give him a call, so I did. He helped me complete everything so it was a great experience. Come on 07/31/2018!! Retirement Begins!

Roberto G, United States Border Patrol - TX

I was forced to retire due to a stroke and did not have a clue on where to begin. Found My Federal Retirement Help online and from there, they took care of everything for me and my wife. I have full confidence with this company as retirement couldn't have been any easier!

Chad D, Social Security Administration - NV

Tom Hofferber has a competitive spirit, but never stoops to “low blows” to get a client. Always with an eye on the long-term, his goal is to seek out and engage the best services that are a good fit for his client. Tom Hofferber is polished and engaging without appearing slick or rehearsed-both qualities that are hard to come by. Tom is fun to talk to and never seems to run out of energy. He has a great sense of humor, too, Tom is available when you have questions or concerns he responds quickly. I strongly recommend Tom Hofferber in a heartbeat. Please feel free to call or email me if you would like more information. Contact Tom to get my contact information.

Yolanda R, United States Postal Service -CA

I just wanted to share my experience as I was considering to retire after working for almost 33 years at the Post office as a Postmaster. I started by trying to get some help from our HR Department of course that didn't go well, so as I started searching around, I found Tom Hofferber and reached out to him. Tom immediately helped me and put me at ease. With Tom's help the process became very easy. Tom - Thank you for always being there and doing a great job.

Lawrence P, United States Postal Service - PA

I meant Tom at a seminar where Tom did a retirement Planning part. I knew right away he would be able to help me to put together a plan so I could retire. After the seminar I told him to call me and within days I was on my way. Thank you Tom

Joe D, United States Department Agriculture - Texas

Just wanted to let you know that when you are preparing to retire, it is a very stressful time. You made my experience very easy and was always available to answer any questions I had. I appreciate how professional you have been. Thanks.

Lezlie D, United States Postal Service - Illinois

Helped me go over all my retirement paperwork, helped give me a plan to execute for retirement to maximize my benefits and longtime saved money to help me enjoy retirement.

Rickey R, United States Postal Service - Texas

We hope to provide the same excellent service to you as well, and you too will see your testimonial online as well!! Can we help you too?


Tom Hofferber has been extremely helpful to me in setting up my annuity and helping me understand my retirement. He has been thoughtful and insightful in dealings with me. I would recommend him most highly. Bob

Bob T, from Alaska, NOAA

James B

David F, USPS, North Carolina

Coming Soon

Martha C, USPS, South Carolina

It was an eye-opening experience to work with Tom and his team on some of the errors I made during my career and mistakes planning my retirement. I HIGHLY recommend everyone reaching out to learn his 5-year, 3-year and 1-year plans. He helped me plan for a richer retirement in four more years.

Claudia D, from Houston TX, VA Hospital

Michael S from Gulfport MS, Social Security Administration

Laverne from NC, VA Hospital

Madina J from FL, VA Medical Center

I can not say enough about the excellent service I received from Tom Hofferber. What a true asset to your company! Tom, You have saved my Life!. J Rodriguez

J. Rodriguez - USPS - AZ