Final Expense and Legacy Assurance Program

What is Final Expense?

We all know death cannot be predicted, prevented, evaded or avoided.  At some point in our life we either have to make the arrangements or know that it will come down to our loved ones to make those decisions for you.  I personally lost my mother last year, and wasn’t prepared for all the expenses we had to cover.  Since then I have teamed up with Senior Life to help all my clients plan for the worse day of your loved ones life.

Who can Qualify?

We cover anyone age 85 and younger, regardless of any health condition. Up to $30,000 in whole life coverage for you & your loved ones. No Medical Exams required!  Just answer a few health questions. Your payments will never increase. Your benefit will never decrease.

What is Legacy?

Legacy Assurance Program is a program committed to reducing the financial and emotional stress of planning a funeral.  They do this by offering to its members a “Family Assurance Support” service and funeral merchandise priced at about half of what the national average of what funeral homes charge today.

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