FREE Federal Retirement Review by Expert Retirement Consultants

These are just a few Frequently Asked Questions that we always get from Federal Employees. You will always benefit from having a Retirement Review at no charge to you.

What’s all included with a Retirement Review?

During your Federal Retirement Review we will discuss most of the codes on your paycheck, we will do your Pension Annuity Computation, we will do a FEGLI Analysis, Social Security Benefits, Pension Maximization, “401k” Federal Savings Plan Rollover options, Military Buy Back option if needed will also be discussed.

What branches of the Federal Goverment do you help the Employees?

We assist almost all of them. United States Postal Service, Department of Defense, Social Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Agricultural, Border Patrol Agents, Department of Homeland Security, Veterans Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Police Officers and Fire Fighters.

If I have another 5 to 10 years to go, should I have a Federal Retirement Review?

Of course! Our Retirement Review will only help you to plan for a better solid retirement. We will put together a plan of action and help you execute the plan to benefit you later.

Do you charge a fee to do a complete retirement review with us?

To do a complete Federal Retirement review with the client, we do NOT charge a fee to provide this information to you.  It is totally free, but does take about an 1-1 1/2 hours to complete, so it only takes your time.

What do I need to have to do a complete Federal Retirement Review?

This is a great question, and the most important them all.  For us to do a complete accurate Federal Retirement Review we need you to have the following:

Recent paystub

Copy of your recent Social Security Benefits letter, or you can visit to register for an account online.

Copy of Recent “401k” Federal Savings Plan Statement

Know the approximate Service Computation Date or when you went Full Time