Federal Retirement Planning Services

Retirement Paperwork

After your retirement review, we can assist you in completing your retirement packet for submission to OPM. We will make product suggestions based on your needs and goals that will benefit you into retirement.

Pension Maximization

So, should you take the spousal option and give up 10% of your pension for life? Let us talk about other ways too.

FEGLI Life Insurance

Did you get caught in the FEGLI trap? Do you know what happens to the rates over a career? Or what happens at retirement?

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The videos on the video page shows you why you don’t want an immediate Annuity, but we will use a fixed indexed annuity so you will never outlive your money leaving your family something after your gone.

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We will customize yours to maximize income or future death benefits

You will receive a personalized Federal Retirement report after we discuss your entire retirement benefits.  It shows you everything you need to know as far as income into retirement, deductions you can expect, and how to maximize everything you will receive.

FERS Benefits – Federal Pension Calculation & Paperwork Support