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Your Retirement Plan

During your Retirement Review, you will know your pension calculation to know what you will be getting for your pension. We will also go over survivor benefits and calculate the costs to see if that is an option to take. One further step is we will try to maximize income utilizing your thrift savings plan. In some cases we have clients delay Social Security for a few years to maximize that income as well.

Our Story

For several years we have noticed that Federal Employees that are approaching retirement can not always find the help they needed and couldn’t find or get the answers they wanted.  Since then we have had the pleasure of helping so many Federal employees get into that next stage in their life by assisting them wherever they need.  Our complete consultation is just that.  We will offer suggestions to help benefit you into retirement, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but many have and are still to this day happy.

Meet the Team

Tom Hofferber and his team of agents gives you a lot to think about! The Federal Retirement Help team specialize in designing a comprehensive financial plan that covers all aspects of pre-retirement and retirement. Our team works with customers that have “401k” Federal Savings Plan ‘s, IRA’s, Roth, 401K, 403B, CD’s and also from other risky investments into safe investments. My Federal Retirement Help believes in 100% safety of the principal. Our team will create an integrated financial plan tailored to your specific goals, your family and your individual needs.  Tom Hofferber also holds a Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant (ChFEBC) designation. Our agency and some of the federal retirement planners is licensed to do business in most states, and is willing to help anyone.

Eric Teagan - Federal Retirement Planning

Eric Teagan

Federal Employee Retirement Specialist

Timothy Barrett Federal Employee Retirement Specialist

Timothy Barrett

Federal Employee Retirement Specialist

Robert Fenton - financial retirement advisors

Robb Fenton

Federal Employee Retirement Specialist

Frank Bahr - federal retirement planners

Frank Bahr

Federal Employee Retirement Specialist

Carlianne Hofferber

Final Expense Representative

Traci Contreras

Appointment Representative

Justin Hofferber

Final Expense Representative

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